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  1. Mr Twangy

    Wearing shorts on stage

    That look works anytime. 😎
  2. Mr Twangy

    Gauging the "Jet-Set"

    What does the wound G give you? Do you get more solid intonation? Or do you prefer the tone?
  3. Mr Twangy

    Pickup height screws

    Would anybody know of a place to buy height adjustment screws (not the pickup mounting screws) for Gretsch pickups?
  4. Mr Twangy

    Worth it to upgrade wiring on a Pro Jet??

    I've upgraded most of everything on this one. The volume and tone knobs are the original Electromatic ones . They fit the new CTS pots I put in without any problem.
  5. Mr Twangy

    Should I add a master volume to my G5421?

    The way it is now I have a treble bleed on the one volume control. I think I will go down to the music store and try one as you suggest.
  6. Mr Twangy

    Should I add a master volume to my G5421?

    Really interesting points to consider, thanks.
  7. Mr Twangy

    Should I add a master volume to my G5421?

    I did some mods to my G5421 Jet Club, including Blacktop Filters, Bigsby and new electronics. When I was in the control cavity I found that the way the body is chambered, it would be possible to add another volume pot plus a master volume pot. Do folks find the master volume something that you...
  8. Mr Twangy

    Worth it to upgrade wiring on a Pro Jet??

    As for the knobs, I replaced wiring, switch, jack and pots. The pots are CTS and the existing Electromatic G-Arrow knobs fit the pots just like before.
  9. Mr Twangy

    Towner vs Biggs Fix?

    I have a B3c and a Towner. I have found that this setup works perfectly with absolutely zero negative effect on tuning or tone. I'd recommend the Towner route every time.
  10. Mr Twangy

    Worst Musical Advice Ever Received

    Dick Rowe? He ended up signing the Rolling Stones to Decca.
  11. Mr Twangy

    Not a Fan of the New Guild Offset Model

    Looks kind of cheap.
  12. Mr Twangy

    Very Special Jet

    Well done, it's a real beauty.
  13. Mr Twangy

    Neil Finn reviews his gear on That Pedal Show

    I like their shows too. Mick is a first class blues player.
  14. Mr Twangy

    NBD (New Bigsby Day).

    Hello all, I got this B3C last week. It's my first ever Bigsby and I love it. It was a breeze to install, as was the Towner Down Tension Bar. All I can say is it works perfectly and the guitar stays in tune (with the stock AOM bridge) no matter how much I use the Bigsby and there has been...
  15. Mr Twangy

    Blasphemy? Can't tell much difference between BTBTs, and Strat

    So true. I have just gone through a period of trying to find magic in cheap bedroom tube amps: first a Blackstar HT1R and then a Monoprice Stage Right 15w. I had to come to the conclusion that cheap tube amps are cheap for a reason and I'm better off with a neutral sounding solid state pedal...
  16. Mr Twangy

    My Dolled-Up Jet Club

    Even Gretsch's cheapest guitars are great and total mod-portunities. I do love the Firebird Red. Back in the Bo Diddley days I believe the Jet Firebird was the Jet that was Firebird Red, the silver sparkle one was the Silver Jet and the black one was the Duo Jet. What model do you have now? I'm...
  17. Mr Twangy

    My Dolled-Up Jet Club

    How it started life.
  18. Mr Twangy

    My Dolled-Up Jet Club

    Yes, four of the eight holes, but it's no big deal because the pickup ring that comes with the blacktops covers all the holes. I lined up the two holes at the bottom of each pickup and they screw in normally. Then I drilled new holes for the two screws on the top of each pup. The white/clear...
  19. Mr Twangy

    My Dolled-Up Jet Club

    Think about it? You just put a mud switch-sized bug in my ear Stiv. I won't STOP thinking about it! I guess my project isn't finished yet. I want to do what you did, thanks!
  20. Mr Twangy

    My Dolled-Up Jet Club

    I got this Jet Club last year and decided to mod it up. I loved the way it played but wasn't crazy about how it sounded so I replaced the Gretschbuckers and the rest of the electronics with Blacktop Filter'trons and new wiring, CTS pots + treble bleed, and Switchcraft pickup selector switch and...
  21. Mr Twangy

    Real Gretsch knobs

    As Audept said, Darren Riley is great for Gretsch parts. If you can't find a ready made pickguard you should try Quick Guards. They have templates for every type of Gretsch pickguard and will make you one to order. The quality is better than what Gretsch makes...
  22. Mr Twangy

    Gone back to a tube amp

    This. I agree with your last two points 100%. WRT your last point, this is my experience. In the 1970s I had a Fender Bandmaster, then a Hiwatt half-stack. Solid state amps were not very good at all then. I stopped playing electric guitar in the 1980s and didn't get into it again until the last...