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  1. Frank2

    Super Chet Part's

    Need parts for a Super Chet Gretsch. Miniature Volume and Tone, on pick gaurd.Where can l get them???? 1971 model
  2. Frank2

    Need Parts for a 1971 Super Chet/controls

    Need tone/volume controls for a 1971 Gretsch Super Chet(every small on pick guard)
  3. Frank2

    1971 Gretsch Super Chet

    I was a Fender, Gibson, Martin, Guild, Gretsch Dealer back in the early 70's. I bought the whole line of Chet Atkins Guitars for my stores. I only bought one Super Chet (expensive back than$ 1200 dealer cost) I am a professional musician. I took it out on a gig , just to see how it played in...