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  1. coyotezed

    Looking for recommendations for an inexpensive delay pedal

    Was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for a decent delay pedal that is inexpensive. I have my eye on the Boss RE-2 Space Echo Delay Pedal ... but I'm looking for a less expensive pedal to play with while I save up for it.
  2. coyotezed

    G5622 Pick guard removal

    So I finally removed the pick guard on my G5622 ... so far I'm liking it.
  3. coyotezed

    Questions about the G5260T

    I’ve been looking at the G5260T Baritone … I was wondering if anybody has used this guitar as a 6 string bass and if there were any issues to keep in mind with using the guitar that way.
  4. coyotezed

    Removing pick gaurd?

    I was wondering if anybody has removed their pick gaurd, and if so what was done for the holes left by the screws for the pick gaurd. I've been thinking about removing my pick gaurd but the main thing that makes me nervous would be those screw holes and what to do with them.
  5. coyotezed

    Considering a new Vox pedal

    Heya, So I've been looking at the vox valve energy mystic edge pedal ... I haven't had a chance to play it in person but was looking to see if anybody has any thoughts on the pedal.
  6. coyotezed

    Possible mods for G5622

    I was looking at possible mods for my G5622. I was thinking of getting a new bridge (possibly an ABM 2400n). What recommendations does everybody have for modifications and or other bridge options?
  7. coyotezed

    Hi everybody

    Hi everybody! I recently got a G5622 Bristol Fog and have been really enjoying it. I'm loving the way it sounds.