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  1. Julio Iguana

    Replacement pickup/mounting rings

    I would like to replace the mounting rings on my Blacktop Broad’trons (G5655T). I would like black or at least darker than the silvery/grey ones that are stock. Anyone know where these could be acquired? TIA.
  2. Julio Iguana

    Drop-in replacement locking tuners for G5655T

    Really unhappy with the stock tuners on this guitar and would like to replace with locking tuners that do not require modifications (ie: reaming holes or drilling new screw holes) if there are such. Thanks.
  3. Julio Iguana

    Hello from NC

    Got my first Gretsch in 1965, a beautiful Nashville (used). Eventually sold it and finally rejoined the fold this past year with a G5655T in Dark Cherry Metallic. Great playing and sounding guitar.

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