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  1. thunderbaas

    Classic Filterton Pick Up mount conversion to a PAF type mount

    Hello fellow Gretschies I have a question about placing a set of (old type) black top filtertron pick ups in a PAF type mount. The mounting rings where the blacktops will be placed in are two nice chromed ones,but they come with only one screw whole at each side (see picture 1) The Blacktop Pick...
  2. thunderbaas

    New Gretsch Day 24dec. New 5420T

    Well last year I posted about the Misses moanin' over a new 5622T. This Christmas she liked my new "5420T orange stain"" right away. And a beauty she is for sure (yeah,the Misses too). It's my seventh Gretsch,and I thought I earned this one after a year surviving heart surgery & a serious...
  3. thunderbaas

    Though the wife said no,expecting new G5126 Electromatic Silver Sparkle friday

    Promised her that I wouldn't buy annymore guitars. What I didn't mention was that I meant in december. But now we're in January:D Friday I'm going to pick up this beauty. A "G5126 Electromatic Silver Sparkle" . It has USA DeArmond pick ups. Those are new to me, but I have high hopes for them. So...
  4. thunderbaas

    A vintage beauty with a story ( Gretsch 6122 Chet Atkins 1964 )

    This one is for sale on the main dutch internet selling site (marktplaats) for about $6000. It is a beautifull 6122 Chet Atkins from 1964 & comes with its original suitcase. What makes this guitar extraordinary is that it has been played by Eddy Cristiani. He was a big star in the Netherlands in...
  5. thunderbaas

    Gretsch G5622T-CB mahogony or laminated maple ????

    I have the chance to obtain G5622T-CB (3 pick up Super Hilotron) from 2015. The owner says it has a mahogony body/maple top & mahogony neck(rosewood fretboard). I understand that the so called 2nd generation G5622T-CB has a laminated maple body & maple neck. As far as I could find out this 2nd...
  6. thunderbaas

    G5260 Baritone Heaven !!! but what's with the pots ?

    Well my new G5260 arrived today. It's a stunning "dark cherry metalic" and it's a real headturner. Total beauty. And I should have obtained a bariton way earlier,because it's verry inspiring to hear your routine riffs in a lower darker key. The delays & reverbs work verry well with the fuller...
  7. thunderbaas

    New "tortoise" pick guard on G2420

    On the new (2019) G2420 the pick guard is changed from black to tortoise (color,guess it's 3 ply plastic) I must say a stunning upgrade which would fit my G2420 brooklyn burst perfect. The black control knobs also look way better than those semi-old gold plastic ones in my opinion. Does annyone...

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