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  1. Texas Slim

    Cold weather comfort food

    i prefer split pea soup cooked slowly with ham hocks for several hours. Corn bread on the side, from scratch, natch.... My dogs get all happy when they see the big pot come out.
  2. Texas Slim

    Broad’Tron BT65A listing on Reverb

    How do these pickups differ from the Broadtrons in the Streamliner series guitars? Are there different grades of Broadtrons?
  3. Texas Slim

    A new life.

    Tony HNGD, looks like a sweet guitar. i opted for the 339 P90 Special, i prefer a guitar that handles gain better than the full hollow model, so got that one. The P90s aren't the best sounding ones i've heard, but close enough for the blues, as 'they' say. Can anyone explain why a fully hollow...
  4. Texas Slim

    Broad'tron BT-2S pickup question

    HNGD; No idea about the pickups, curious to find out. i have the same model; strung with 12-52, plain G. It sings rather nicely.
  5. Texas Slim

    MIC: Mental stumbling block…

    Conversely, how would you justify an American-made gold top being worth every cent of the asking price, simply because it was made here? i used to build and repair guitars for a living. Nowadays, i can't afford to compete with the off the shelf stuff offered for beginning students, whether made...
  6. Texas Slim

    Guitars should always be orange. But... NGD: 6118

    Very nice, glad to hear you're enjoying your new guitar. i'm somewhat new to Bigsby trems, you mentioned they have two springs? Mine (B 60 ) only has one that i can see?
  7. Texas Slim

    Oh Goody…Guitar Center Gear Consultant

    Mine called & woke me up day before yesterday to ask about the Jazz III picks i'd bought last month. Never missed a beat when i told him i was waiting on a used Gretsch to arrive from G.C. Used, just so very happy about everything... i am not a morning person...
  8. Texas Slim

    Rock Crushes

    Then there's Corey Park, former bass guitar player for Nashville *****...
  9. Texas Slim

    Rock Crushes

    That's my future ex-wife y'all are referring to, good sir...
  10. Texas Slim

    What strings would you put on your Gretsch?

    Been using GHS Boomers, 12-52 ever since arthritis set in and i needed to switch to lighter gauge strings.
  11. Texas Slim

    G5120 Electromatic vs G2410TG Streamliner?

    Yeah, got to agree here, not the smoothest or most precise tuners i've ever used either. Just ordered a set of Grovers to replace them.
  12. Texas Slim

    G5120 Electromatic vs G2410TG Streamliner?

    i have a 2410, and really enjoy it. The 2.25" body thickness is comfortable to play, and to me, the neck feels ideal; very similar to a D-shaped Epiphone neck. The pickups sound pretty good, definitely nothing at all like "regular" humbuckers. My sole complaint is the hardware, it's gold, and i...
  13. Texas Slim

    NGD! 2011 G5120

    i listen to metal, but at 70 years of age, doubt anybody would want to listen to me play metal, or see me in my hair metal Spandex... No, my musical musings are generally blues or garage rock, the Supro "should" fill the small, quiet amp need nicely.
  14. Texas Slim

    Guitar Center Deal of the Day on a G2627T

    Those are nice guitars, i have the green one. The neck is surprising in how it fits my hand, the tones are unique, best of all, it's the same color as my herb grinder....
  15. Texas Slim

    NGD! 2011 G5120

    HNGD, that's a fine looking guitar. New to Gretsch myself, so still becoming familiar with them myself. They sound different for sure, but i'm liking that difference. Coincidentally, i'm also awaiting delivery on a Delta King 12, so especially glad you like how these sound with a Gretsch. Enjoy.
  16. Texas Slim

    Is the g2622T case a good match for the g5622?

    Mine lives comfortably in a TKL case for a 335.
  17. Texas Slim

    Figure i oughtta say hello

    Well, either you cursed me, or the Fates just know me from somewhere... Getting used to the sound of these pickups is an adjustment, but one that fits into the type of music i try to play, which is primarily blues & garage rock. The Streamliner series is ostensibly Gretsch's budget line; i can...
  18. Texas Slim

    Ampless modeler into headphones

    i use a Digitech RP 360. If i had to find a fault with it, i'd say there are too many options, amp wise, etc. Beyond that, it works well, and sounds good.
  19. Texas Slim

    >> The Wayne Kramer - MC5 - Sound

    MC5 was absolutely the loudest concert i ever attended. At a time when Deep Purple held the Guinness Book record as the loudest band in the world, MC5 blew them and that record completely out of the water. Having seen both bands live that year, i'm here to tell ya, my home boys were the loudest...
  20. Texas Slim

    Figure i oughtta say hello

    Believe me, i am embarrassingly familiar with Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. At one point i decided i wanted matched sets of teles and strats....
  21. Texas Slim

    Figure i oughtta say hello

    i looked at the Electromatic version, too. What influenced your decision in that direction, rather than the Streamliner? Isn't country of origin pretty much the sole difference?
  22. Texas Slim

    Figure i oughtta say hello

    Me, too; but usually they're more like this.
  23. Texas Slim

    Figure i oughtta say hello

    Been here for a while lurking, now i have a reason to actually join in the conversation. Just pulled the trigger on my first Gretsch, a G2622T, 3 pickup CB with cat eyes in Georgia Green. Mostly play strats or teles lately, so this should take a minute to get used to.

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