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  1. englishman

    EMG pickups gotta love them?

    Probably the least expected subject on a Gretsch group but hey. I was not a fan, they sounded pretty good with a boatload of gain but clean they just seemed lifeless and dull. My buddy Billy wanted me to build him a guitar with the 81/60 combo favored by Jim Root. Since it wasn't for me, I put...
  2. englishman

    RIP Nichelle Nichols

    She achieved a lot in the 60s.
  3. englishman

    Epiphone MC5 Crestwood build

    So this guy wanted an Epiphone Crestwood with the batwing headstock, three mini hums and a B5. Kinda like this one: The reissue Crestwood apparently doesn't come close and originals are ridiculously expensive (like 5K) So hey, yeah I said I could make him one. I found a PDF of the Coronet...
  4. englishman

    Ye Olde Malcolm Young project

    So, March 2017 I bought this Electromatic Double Jet from @wildeman with a view to doing a Malcolm Young project. It was a gold top, one of the heavy, solid mahogany models with mini Gretschbuckers and no master volume. Oh yeah, the headstock was also missing. I made a headstock for it and...
  5. englishman

    Wanted Electromatic Jet Truss Rod nut wanted...

    I took it off a couple of years ago to work on the headstock and now I need it and it appears to have flown the coop. Anybody holding?
  6. englishman

    Thinking of selling the 65 Corvette

    This isn't a 'for sale' post (yet) but I really never play it and it's had a rough life so a 'collector' wouldn't be interested in it at all. Sometimes I thing the Burns trem might be worth more than the guitar but that would be a tragedy, it sounds and plays great. The neck is just a little...
  7. englishman

    Another eBay/Reverb rant

    I've really been trying to stay away from both platforms, except for buying but this time of year, the School Bus driving gig gets a little lean so... I had a nice Canon video camera, I put it on eBay and got an offer fairly soon and accepted it. They said payment was received and I dutifully...
  8. englishman

    Garbage Strat rescued.

    So a good friend of mine fell for a 'great deal' on a USA Stratocaster. He was happy when he received it but the strings were old. He went to change them and the nut fell out. Despite all his musical ability and knowledge (he went to Berklee) his setup and repair skills are about nil. So he...
  9. englishman

    RIP Ray Liotta

    Only 67 years old. Died on a movie shoot in his sleep on location. Goodfellas is one of my favorite movies.
  10. englishman

    Eman Pink Paul for sale $100 off!!

    Original buyer backed out so here is the chance to own a one off P90 powered Eman Pink Paul® All mahogany construction. The Paul/Sonex/Marauder body relief cuts make it very comfortable compared to the usual slab. Ebony board, shell inlays. 8 pounds even. 1.64" at the nut. 16" radius. CTS...
  11. englishman

    What’s pink and has P90s?

    Well, this is what the client wanted. Hopefully he likes it.
  12. englishman

    EX TC on tour...

    You may or may not have heard about EXTC on tour, Terry Chambers, the original drummer of XTC is touring in the US with the XTC catalog. No other original members (hence the name) but it was special to me as the lead guitarist is a guy I went to school with in the UK in the 70s and we formed...
  13. englishman

    Jim Root is selling the Tele I made for him..

    Not sure how to feel about it.
  14. englishman

    Start 'em young!

    Granddaughter Amara just turned two. g
  15. englishman

    Is it me, or are zombie threads popping up more...

    The new format seems to encourage posting on years-old threads. Not necessarily a bad thing.
  16. englishman

    Anyone else having problems with Guitarfetish?

    Ordered a part a week ago, got the automatic confirmation number email. Then nothing. I emailed to ask when they would ship it and the email bounced back because their mailbox is full.
  17. englishman

    2016.. back when I played guitar every now and then.

    This was fun, not art lol.
  18. englishman

    RIP Louie Anderson

    Dead at only 68
  19. englishman

    Got the letter from Reverb....

    Here we go, who here is handing your social security # to these places???? Dear Reverber, We’re writing to let you know about a new IRS reporting requirement for 2022: Beginning January 1, 2022, marketplaces like Reverb will be required to collect tax identification information from...
  20. englishman

    RIP Graeme Edge

    Gone at 80. The opening for "I'm Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band" inspired me in my younger days, simple but effective.
  21. englishman

    Caveat Emptor

    People generally described as 'gearheads' are usually savvy when it comes to suspicious looking guitars for sale at a great price. But as evidenced by newbies to the forum, but not necessarily guitar newbies, a Chinese fake can be hard to identify when you don't have every nook and cranny of the...
  22. englishman

    Big tax changes will affect guitar sellers and parts resellers..

    Basically, using a service such as paypal, anything brought in over $600 IN A YEAR will generate a 1099K. I'm not condoning the mass avoidance of people paying their fair share of taxes on places like Reverb or eBay but I can foresee everything going underground in a cash-based system...
  23. englishman

    Interesting PRS discovery today

    I'm not piling on here, just saw this this morning and thought 'hmm'. I replaced the volume pots in a PRS SE and thought it amusing how the hot wire from the pickup was soldered on by using the 'close enough' technique. Hey, it was working.
  24. englishman

    The 65 6134.. should it stay or should it go?

    Had this for a few years now. It'll obviously never be a primo original and therefore never command the 2K-ish prices people want for nice ones. I'm not responsible for the 'shotgun approach' to drilling holes for the bridge, obviously someone had an incorrect ruler (or poor grasp of the...

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