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  1. dlew919

    Guitars Manufacturers That Morph Other Guitar Companies

    Danelectro is Rickenbacker and teisco
  2. dlew919

    Thoughts On Gretsch Acoustic Guitars

    Must say I’d love a New Yorker, if only to complement my New Yorker mandolin. But alas my next purchase has to be a nylon string, as I have a job that requires it coming up.
  3. dlew919

    Epiphone Casino vs Epiphone Riviera

    I’m a casino man. Bought my daughter but it needs a setup. McCartney’s favourite type of guitar is a casino. They’re like a telecaster or a gretsch - hugely versatile, yet with a unique sound that sets them apart.
  4. dlew919

    For those of you that play some jazz

    Mid to late Beatles - yesterday, you never give me your money, day in the life, let it be... Pop - Dancing Queen, He ain't heavy, Knock three times, Tie a yellow ribbon, Bad Bad Leroy Brown Rock and Roll - Runaway, Johnny B. Goode, Suspicious Minds, Can't Help Falling in Love, Viva Las Vegas...
  5. dlew919

    Gretsch for jazz

    I know I know. But why don’t jazz players (outside of fusion and avant- garde ) like gretsches? I know part of it is the bigsby. And part of it is the clearer tone than PAFs. I’ve never understood the anti-bending thing in jazz. Sure Wes never bent strings. But Wes played fencing wire gauge...
  6. dlew919

    Audept becomes "The Guinea Pig"

    So glad it worked out.
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    Does A Bigsby Spring Make A Difference?

    A lighter spring makes a difference. I put reverend springs in my two bigsby guitars. I was told here I’d keep it in the solidbody but revert to the stiffer spring in the hollow. This was accurate. The response, for me at least is a bit better with the lighter spring.
  8. dlew919

    Favorite "Worst band name" you've ever had?

    I suppose if you’re going to call yourself a chicken [email protected] you may as well be the king
  9. dlew919

    Neil Finn & Gear

    It was a great and informative video. (I skipped through the Liam bits - will return to them.) But boy Neil has some nice guitars...
  10. dlew919

    Story of Guitar Center

    The first time I walked into a guitar centre - the Times Square one (New York of course) - I was blown away. Sure we have great shops here in Australia. But the range was nowhere near what you see in the states. I found the service really good - same with the Sam ash in Nashville. This is not...
  11. dlew919

    Your Essential Pedal(s)

    I have an always on blues driver set to low gain. I like a delay. I like a wah or envelope filter. Some kind of modulation. Compressor.
  12. dlew919

    Do You Use an EQ Pedal? Really?

    I have a couple. One I used on my solid body mandolin just to tame those high frequencies. I have a 10 band I’m going to plug through my fender greta amp to try and see if I can expand its tones. (It’s a great little amp but I can’t leave things alone).
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    You're The One

  14. dlew919

    NGD: Cabronita Tele with Gretsch Pickup

    That’s lovely. I’ve got a squier stock one except I put a reverend spring in it and mine has a maple fretboard. It’s a great guitar and yes if I’m not sure whether it’s a gretsch or tele gig it’s a great compromise.
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    school me on roller bars...

    Lolol. No no. Just wondering what the difference is?
  16. dlew919

    Worst Musical Advice Ever Received

    Worst advice ‘Don’t get a telecaster’ ‘Don’t get a gretsch’ ‘You don’t need music theory’ ‘Why don’t you concentrate on bass?’ (Not because bass is bad, or even that I’m not a competent bassist. But jealous guitarists can say things that aren’t always true.’ ‘Don’t touch the truss rod’...
  17. dlew919

    school me on roller bars...

    It’s the 5420. My apologies.
  18. dlew919

    school me on roller bars...

    I have a gretsch 4250T electromatic from 2015. It's beautiful. I believe it has a B60 Bisby. Is the roller bar on it? The thing that I am supposed to put the strings under, but some people tell me to put them over the top? Does it make a difference to stability? Expression? etc. Yes, I...
  19. dlew919

    Boy am l a complete newbie

    I’d argue that the best guitar to graduate to electrics from acoustics would be a gretsch. Maybe a casino. Has gretsch ever made an ugly guitar? Even the Bo Diddley is charming. Yours is beautiful. 10s -46 are perfect. Wound G if you don’t want to bend. It’ll need a set up. Plenty of...
  20. dlew919

    No more grown up movies!

    See, I go to the movies to escape my daily life, so I prefer less sex and violence in my films... ;)
  21. dlew919

    Master volume problem

    Sounds like a tapered pot might improve things.
  22. dlew919

    Found my new favourite toanzzz

    Well I was going to buy the wexelthurser 4000 (the number referring to the cost) but till they put a 7th knob on it it’s just lacking something ;) In all seriousness, I knew a major shop in in Sydney was on its way out when they didn’t have any blues drivers.
  23. dlew919

    "If something is hard to do, it's just not worth doing" Homer Simpson

    Jazz? Pfft, they just make it up as they go along… H Simpson. Comic books are the only true American art form. What about jazz? jazz sucks. bart and Lisa Simpson.
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    Jokes thread

    So a Kennedy conspiracy theorist dies and goes to the pearly gates. He finds himself in a line and it turns out that the first thing that happens is you can ask any question and at Peter will answer with the truth. So the first person says ‘who was Jack the Ripper?’ And St Peter said ‘he was an...
  25. dlew919

    Song Title Game

    The greatest love of all - George benson.