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  1. drmilktruck

    New York 6131

    Welcome to finally joining. Pix are needed of course.
  2. drmilktruck

    Rejoicing that someone bought a guitar I've been obsessing over

    Yep, desperately hoping someone will snipe at the end of eBay auction.
  3. drmilktruck

    Limited Edition Pelham Blue Epiphone 355

    Nice score. Gotta love a blue guitar!
  4. drmilktruck

    What is this?

    Welcome to G-T!
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    What movie/s scared the heck out of you when you were little?

    There are many mistakes made in that aspect. A common one is that punching someone in the jaw will knock them out. It might break your jaw but it won't render you unconscious (unless you hit your head really hard on the ground.) Changing the subject slightly, if WWE was real, there'd be dead...
  6. drmilktruck

    Own Any Mobile Fidelity Albums?

    Like I said it's the tone wood myth.
  7. drmilktruck

    Didn't Know They Played Gretsch

    Boz Boorer of the 1980s rockabilly group Polecats and later Morrissey's guitarist. Purportedly his Pink Penguin was the first Gretsch Custom Shop Guitar made by Stephen Stern:
  8. drmilktruck

    What movie/s scared the heck out of you when you were little?

    Mrs MT was creeped out by the Exorcist for a year! I generally avoided scary movies or TV shows when I was a kid and even now don't like them. Jaws was the first I saw and when the shark appeared, I had to cover my face.There was a Friday night horror movie on a local channel, 50s classics like...
  9. drmilktruck

    Why Are You Here?

    That's a deep question, isn't it? I mean, why are any of us here, really? Came here form the other forum, was on both for years, came to prefer this one. Very friendly, helpful, welcoming to newcomers.
  10. drmilktruck

    Didn't Know They Played Gretsch

    Edwyn Collins Edwyn Collins @EdwynCollins Back in 1979 I was living in Glasgow ,I wonting a Gretsch Guitar , second hand!! Remember Gretsch are not fashionable back in the day 1979 , I got it, Blackhawk Gretsch ,Brilliant, Excellent & Great -Edwyn 5:11 AM · Sep 16, 2020·Twitter Web App
  11. drmilktruck

    I can’t stand……..

    Back in the 90s, one of the drug companies, in order to prolong their patent for a type 2 diabetes (aka Adult Onset Diabetes) drug, sought approval to use it in teenagers. The universal reaction (even from other drug companies) was scorn, as "Teenagers don't get type 2 diabetes." Sadly 25 years...
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    EMG pickups gotta love them?

    Nice collection of guitars!
  13. drmilktruck

    Help Me ID This Gretsch For Sale

    I like the natural finish. GLWTS
  14. drmilktruck

    I can’t stand……..

    I thought so too, until I discovered roasting them. (Don't reheat well though, then they smell.)
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    Jokes thread

    Share more!
  16. drmilktruck

    Song Title Game

    Can't see Bob's video, so I'll go off the last one.
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    I can’t stand……..

    The problem I had with cooked vegetables as a kid is that the style in the 70s was to boil them until they were tasteless and serve them on their own. My mother was a very good cook except flavoring beyond some salt and pepper was not Minnesotan. (I have a recipe of hers that calls for 1/8...
  18. drmilktruck

    I''m a Dutchman!

    Proud Papa!
  19. drmilktruck

    I''m a Dutchman!

    My paternal grandfather is from the same area, town called Echt.
  20. drmilktruck

    I can’t stand……..

    It needs Xiaflex.
  21. drmilktruck

    Hello from Port Coquitlam, Canada.

    Welcome to the friendliest guitar forum on the interwebs.
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    Own Any Mobile Fidelity Albums?

    Turns out since 2011 they’ve been lying about being purely analog, using digital master files. Probably doesn’t matter to non-audiophiles, but reminds me of guitar related battles over tonewood, tube vs solid...
  23. drmilktruck

    Thinking of selling the 65 Corvette

    I had a patient who was seeing his dermatologist for follow up of melanoma. The derm commented that Jack had a bit of a sunburn, a no-no for a melanoma survivor. Jack explained that he'd bought a convertible as a midlife crisis toy. He thought of a fling with a much younger woman but his wife...
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    Song Title Game

  25. drmilktruck

    Song Title Game