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    RIP Nichelle Nichols

    I was really saddened to hear it, although I knew it was coming sooner rather than later, in all likelihood....I knew she hadn't been well...and I know there had been some legal fighting regarding her money, etc.... awful stuff. Star Trek was one of my primary happy memories as a young...
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    Another 6 month "Thumb's Up" from Oncology Dr!

    I get to have oncology blood labs and CT Scans every 6 months....which means I start getting nervous and antsy every FIVE This marked the completion of 3 years....and I'm so excited I'm telling'll probably never get over the nervousness and nail biting...
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    What Movies Made You Cry?

    Taking Chance was a really REALLY good movie....yeah....I teared up a bit in that one.
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    Want to see Springsteen live? $4400.

    Not sure I'd pay that for the ability to go back in time and see The Beatles...... Ok....maybe...
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    5 electromatics returned

    It just makes me glad I got mine when I did......
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    Shoe culture in the United States?

    Once I put carpeting in my house, shoes came off...and that goes for anyone that comes in. I do wear slippers sometimes, but as they don't ever go outside, they're ok...
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    Some Sun Elvis covers for fun........!

    Really enjoyed "Baby Let's Play House" hit that one solid....really caught the "feel".
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    What is the Great Gretsch Sound to you?

    When growing up, I probably heard a ton of Gretsch's being played on songs....but I didn't know enough to realize it....and it wasn't until around 1981 or 82 that I SAW my first Gretsch from a band I immediately idolized (Stray Cats) for me, "The Great Gretsch Sound" always equated to...
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    Shipping has gotten expensive...

    That seems like a bit much....but, shipping things HAS gotten pricey.....Recently, I was going to ship some items to my sister that had been my mother's.....The items.....maybe worth 2-300 dollars (guessing).....To ship them to California was going to cost over $400......I texted my sister, and...
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    Someone making a Gretsch guitar even prettier just puts a smile on my face....
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    Ideal Concert Length

    It varies......assuming no opening act, and it's not one of these tours where there are multiple headliners (ie Poison, Motley Crue, Def Leppard).....I think 90 minutes to 2 hours is probably a good length......but, some bands I could certainly enjoy a 3 hour show from......and if I wanted less...
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    What's your ideal song time length?

    Years ago, I always wanted to write that.....magnum opus song.....the "Thick as a Brick" ala Tull, or more realistically, "Stairway to Heaven" ala Zep, or "The End" ala Doors..... But....lately, whether it's recording covers with a friend, or playing for some folks......I prefer ridiculously...
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    If I had a time machine

    1) I'd go back to the 60s, and tell my Dad to start getting colonoscopies starting at 40 and every 3-5 years after. 2) I'd make a quick pitstop in the 80's to tell myself to study harder in college (and pick a major I actually have an interest in), and buy as much Amazon stock as possible as...
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    NBGD: New Blue Guitar Day

    That's a sharp guitar.....a shame about the problems...but, it seems like workmanship isn't anyone's top priority least you had someone close by who could fix all the issues! Now get to playing! ;-)
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    I am so fed-up from other people carelessly demolishing my gear

    I believe it was Benjamin Franklin (or maybe it was PeeWee Herman) who said "Neither a borrower nor a lender be" I never loan out anything.....for exactly the reason you say. And I never borrow anything gear related because I worry about damaging the item.