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    Does Music From Certain Years Appeal To You, More The Music From Other Years?

    1964 is the best year for me, hands down. Even though a lot of my favorites from that year were actually recorded in 1963 (or even 1962) and I just heard them first in ‘64.
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    This One Fell In My Lap

    Whaddaya got to lose, except some time? And you’re retired, aren’t you? I say, “Go for it!”
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    NGD incoming!

    Or just pee in the bushes by the front door.
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    NGD incoming!

    There is absolutely no telling.
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    Unexpected NGD

    All I can say is, “Wow.”
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    Your Favorite Chord

    Wasn’t there a piano in there, too?
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    Done got married!

    Best wishes for much present and future happiness!
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    Yet another boring NGD

    They’re rubber grommets, for damping wolf tones. Buy them at any hardware store.
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    Yet another boring NGD

    There ain’t nothing boring about that guitar!
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    Wanted Original tuner for 5120 ...year 2011

    About a bazillion people here changed the tuners on their 5120s. Surely one of them has a spare tuner.
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    Somebody’s at the rum candy again at Gibson

    Wonder how hard it’ll be to re-attach that headstock once it snaps off?
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    Fell off the wagon.

    Welcome aboard!
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    Georgy Girl, The Seekers 1966

    I’d have been 10 when the song came out. It’s one of the songs that begin teaching me about singing harmony.

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