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    Weather apps

    Doesn't get much better than Weather Underground (Wunderground) app. $10 per year gets you no ads if you like.
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    Favorite Live TV music performances

    Wishbone ash from Kirschners Rock Concert
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    If Correct, It's A Sad Day For Rock and Roll

    I remember when Paul McCartney was dead in 1968.
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    The one guitar that turns your crank... (One of these days, you gotta own it!)

    Les Paul Jr. Years ago there was a 3 piece band from Dallas that played a local club here. The guitar player used a Les Paul Jr . They cover alot of ZZ top stuff and nailed it every time especially Nationwide. That guy and his guitar always stuck in my mind........yeah I know....its...
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    Notable Guitarist Quotes

    "To play them blues, you gots to live em." Unknown
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    Which guitar that you CURRENTLY OWN

    1978 Gibson ES-347 made in Kalamazoo number 149. Bought this new in early 1979 still have it today. Great guitar for sitting down but if play it standing up with a strap, your shoulder will be ready to fall off after about 30-40 minutes.
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    Let the Battle Begin: Best BBQ sauce

    The sauce (spicy) at Rudys BBQ is pretty hard to beat. Also, there is a BBQ joint down the street that has been in business since the 30's called Jaspers that has some pretty kick ass sauce. Its kind of a thin DR Pepper colored sauce with a good flavor. Many times they run out of the sauce...
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    Actually got to see Zulu a couple of weeks ago on one of my movie channels.
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    Lonely Are the Brave starring Kirk Douglas, Walter Matthau, Bill Bixby, and Archie Bunker (Carroll O'Conner}. Old B/W flick that my be hard to find but worth the effort.
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    What movie/s scared the heck out of you when you were little?

    Like Twilight Zone too. Favorites are "Steel" with Lee Marvin who steps in the Boxing ring to fight a Android Robot......Any episode with Burgess Merideth especially the one where he is determined to be obsolete and choses to have a bomb explosion in his room as his execution to be televised...
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    Pick up quick connecters

    Even though you don't want me to say this, but your best bet is soldering. It will provide a zero volt drop connection......something the connectors you posted are probably not going to do especially after a bunch of plug/unplug cycles with changing pickups. If your dead set on plug in...
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    What Movies Made You Cry?

    Lonely Are the of the best movies of all time. Cast Away. It would be bad enough to lose Helen Hunt once but Hanks lost her twice in a hour and a half movie........I was a crumpled heap.
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    What movie/s scared the heck out of you when you were little?

    Not a movie but a episode of the Alfred Hitchcock Hour called the Final Escape. A prisoner desperately is trying figure a way to escape prison. He befriends a older prisoner who is in charge digging graves for deceased prisoners in the prison grave yard. The old grave digger concocts a plan to...

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