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    MIC: Mental stumbling block…

    My G5655T is MIC. It’s a great looking and playing guitar. Fit and finish are great. Tuners are the weakest link and the fretboard edges (not rolled) are noticeable. If I didn’t look at the back of the headstock I’d forget where it was made.
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    Gretsch quirks left alone.

    I agree with your decision to not modding your guitars and getting a versatile amp that gets the sounds you’re hearing in your head. I’ve always loved a good tube amp but recent advances in SS amps (+lighter weight) have me looking in that direction. Good luck in your search.
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    buzzes / vibrations on 1965 Tennessean

    Could be a bad string. Good luck in finding the problem.
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    G5220 Jet; which factory strings?

    I believe the factory strings are MIC.
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    How good of a deal is this (two new, but old stock, Setzers)?

    Documentation of the repair(s) and warranty info would be a must for me. Trust your gut.
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    Help - need guidance. 6119T vs 5232 vs 5655 jr.

    My G5655T Jr. (dark metallic cherry) is a semi-hollow I can comfortably play!
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    Greetings. Just ordered my 1st Gretsch

    What a super first Gretsch to get! Enjoy the heck out of it.
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    Just got my first Gretsch guitar...

    Welcome. Congrats. Great looking guitar. What model is it?
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    Gretch 1955 Burl Ives Acoustic Guitar

    Welcome. Pic’s?
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    NGD: I finally went and did it!

    Beautiful guitar. I remember seeing a Gretsch 12 for the first time on the cover of “Chet Atkins Picks on the Beatles” with liner notes by George Harrison (still have it original vinyl).
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    Replacement pickup/mounting rings

    I like that idea.
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    Replacement pickup/mounting rings

    I would like to replace the mounting rings on my Blacktop Broad’trons (G5655T). I would like black or at least darker than the silvery/grey ones that are stock. Anyone know where these could be acquired? TIA.
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    Photo shoot with G5427T

    Nice. I’m also partial to no P/G.
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    Do the current production Sweetwater exclusive G5420-59 have a Treble-Bleed circuit?

    I’ve been given incorrect information via Sweetwater as it seemed to me they were just reading the same spec’s we could access (right or wrong). Also, guitar may not be that rep’s main instrument.
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    G5434TG Electromatic Pro Jet mods (Off Kiltertron pickups and more)...

    Hey @Lacking Talent, how smooth are the Guyker locking tuners? We’re they drop in or did you have to mod/drill? JI

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