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    Wearing shorts on stage

    Boy howdy! Nothing says geezer like an old dude in a panama hat, a flowerdy Hawaiian shirt, shorts, black socks, and Birkenstock sandals. Yeef!
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    Wearing shorts on stage

    When I was playing out I usually wore a suit, or a sport coat & tie.
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    Wearing shorts on stage

    I think shorts are just fine...on 10 year old boys. I refuse to wear them in public, and I damnsure ain't gonna wear 'em on stage. I just turned 69 last month, and I think it's time to dress my age. Chinos, or khakis are a good choice for summer.
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    Looking for recommendations for an inexpensive delay pedal

    I've been using the MXR Carbon Copy for quite a few years. At about $150.00 at Sweetwater.
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    How to get a jangly chimey sound?

    Honestly? Get a Rickenbacker. Sorry, I just don't think there's any substitute at all. And yes, I am biased. Because I own a Rick 360/12 and there isn't another guitar that sounds quite like it. You could try. But depending on how much you have your heart and ears set on attaining that sound I...
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    What Does Your Guitar(s) Say About You?

    I can see we all have great senses of humor here. Self-deprecating humor is always good.👐
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    What Does Your Guitar(s) Say About You?

    Holy Toledo! 🤯
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    "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

    "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."
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    What Does Your Guitar(s) Say About You?

    Rickenbacker = Eccentric Gretsch = Chet Wannabe, or closet rockabilly dude...who can't make up his mind which. S.L. Mossman TN Flat Top = Another KS $)-( ! + kicker, and wannabe bluegrass hotshot Yamaha acoustic = this guy doesn't care how much beer gets spilled on his guitar at a...
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    Whatcha learning or working on?

    I've been working on contest entries for the State Guitar fingerpicking championship held at the end of August. Last night while poking around Youtube I found this old 1930s pop song that's been covered quite a bit: "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone." I even found a Chet Atkins cover...
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    If you could only have one Gretsch guitar model...

    I used to lust after a G6122-1959. I don't think that acquisition is ever going to happen. I certainly wouldn't turn one down if I won it in a raffle. I can make do with my modified 5120 just fine. In either case, I'd still sound like me, no matter which guitar I play.
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    Watering down the product?

    You can't play mystique. I bought my 5120 because it didn't sound like a Gibson, nor a Stratocaster. Although I have to admit, Mystique sounds like a cool title for a guitar instrumental.
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    Wow... Anyone else mesmerized by Chet Atkins (© 1970) on the Johnny Cash Show?

    I could listen to him for days. The way he treated old standbys like Freight Train and Wildwood Flower leave me grinning like a star struck school kid.
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    Most unique sounding pickups

    I'd say the Rickenbacker high gain, and toaster top pickups qualify as unique sounding pickups.
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    "If something is hard to do, it's just not worth doing" Homer Simpson

    Gosh....I'm a boomer, and I thought it was "All we are saying/Is give peace a chance." At least I bought all that love, peace, & granola stuff. Still do, too.