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    Who likes a wound 3rd string?

    Yes! Not only do I use a wound third, I use a FLATwound third! Suits my playing style. :- )
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    Does A Guitar Look Make You Buy?

    Tony, that reminds me of when I was a grade school kid and thought that the more pick ups and hardware on a guitar, the better the player must be. LOL. Similar to seeing a drummer with TWO bass drums.. LOL So you must be really good. ;- )
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    I told you prices were dropping!😳

    Ugh.. and I just bought mine last week for $6,099, after talking them down. Case was extra, but they threw in a pack of free strings and a pick. ;- )
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    Compressor pedal yea or nay

    Compressor is a big part of my tone. It's an 'always on' situation for me. I like it. :- )
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    Does A Guitar Look Make You Buy?

    Gotta agree there with loudnlousy. For me. it's the other way around. The look makes me NOT want to buy. Ultimately, it's the neck feel, shape, radius, scale and frets that makes me decide. But an unattractive looking guitar, even with an ideal neck, still won't get the $$$.
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    Upgrading Gretsch hardware

    Thanks for the pics. :- ) Beautiful guitar. I'm unfamiliar with the model and see it's semi-hollow, like a Thinline. Very nice. Seeing there is no Bigsby on this model, I feel even more confident it might be a nut issue, and if not, then look toward the tuners. I'm sure it will all sort out.
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    What was the first forum or Internet “list” you ever joined and why?

    Music groups on Newsgroups during the dial-up days, along with the Steve Hoffman Music Corner forums. Long time ago.
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    Upgrading Gretsch hardware

    Hi. Yeah, my immediate thought too, like the other replies, was to check the nut slots and maybe widen them a touch. No need to apologise for having a Tele. You'll find many of us here are Tele fans and owners too (me included... LOL). We like pics a lot in this forum. If you get a chance, post...
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    What Does Your Guitar(s) Say About You?

    "no more mods... please!"
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    How to get a jangly chimey sound?

    Flatwounds might enter in the equation too.
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    What Does Your Guitar(s) Say About You?

    2 Gretsch's, 3 Tele's, 1 Jazzmaster, and no Strat's? You're clearly not a Stratocaster guy.. .LOL
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    Own Any Mobile Fidelity Albums?

    I enjoy Andrew's Parlogram Auctions YouTube channel for his knowledgeable information regarding audio and recording. He recently posted a quick video on this topic.
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    Why do we obsess over the next guitar?

    I stopped trying to figure that out years ago. It's useless.
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    G6120TG flat wounds .010-.048

    I mainly use flatwounds on my guitars and generally use Thomastik Jazz Swing 110’s. (.010 – .044). They work great for me on my 6120 and like them a lot. Unfortunately I can’t address your nut question, as being a big fan of zero frets, I put ZeroGlide zero fret nuts on all my instruments, but...
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    PSA - Guitar Center / Sam Ash , Paramus N.J. What's going on ?????

    Makes me think of music row on 48th Street in Manhattan between 6th & 7th Ave. I bought ALL my guitars there (except maybe one or two at Matt Umanov's on Bleecker St. in Greenwich Village) and bringing them home via the Subway. It was always a treat as a teen and adult to make usual visits there...