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    Vintage Gift

    I’ve done lots of repairs in the past but never this involved. I may just have a pro do the paint and I can assemble. Frets look pretty good and there’s one small piece of binding loose at heel.
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    Vintage Gift

    A friend passed this on to me. He rescued it in the 70’s from the back of a pickup heading to the landfill. He thought it was just a case when he asked the man if he could have it. Turned out to have a guitar in it. He stripped the finish off and then never got around to finishing it. I may...
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    Whadaya call an almost-new-guitar day?

    Put it in a case and fill it with grass clippings. The chlorophyll will absorb the odor.
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    Gigging My 2420

    So I’ve been in a classic rock cover group for a few years and have only gigged Strats and Tele’s. We do a lot of cleanish 60’s stuff like Doors, Johnny Rivers, Faces, Beatles, etc. and would love to try my Gretsch for some of those numbers. We play pretty loud and the bass sound covers the...
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    PRRI vs DRRI vs Vibro Champ vs '57 Custom Champ

    I have an X2 Super Champ, upgraded with an original early 60’s 10” Jensen Gold label speaker and have A/B’d it with my bandmates DRRI and at bedroom levels I prefer the X2. It even held it’s own with the DRRI at small venue gigs. For larger gigs the DRRI is the king of all modern Fenders, IMO.
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    I Don't Bond With SG Style Guitars-So Shoot Me

    Jeez, ‘62 Junior? That’s like holy grail territory.
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    Holy smokes! Beautiful Falcon.
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    Common Misnomers

    An instrument with frets, like a guitar, has a fretboard, an instrument without frets, like a fiddle, has a fingerboard.
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    Wearing shorts on stage

    Living on the gulf coast it’s a shorts and flip flop world from March to November. But I still wear jeans onstage. Even outdoors. I got bird legs. We’ve got a few band mates though that wear shorts and Hawaiian shirts.
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    Looking for recommendations for an inexpensive delay pedal

    I have a Joyo analog delay. Bucket brigade circuit. $35 new on Amazon. Sounds great.
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    The Good News Is Not That Good.

    After 50+ years of playing I’ve naturally developed my own style and sound and I’m very proficient at it. The problem is, I DONT LIKE MY STYLE. I probably wouldn’t go listen to me. I want to be be Brian Setzer!
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    How long did it take you to get your first Gretsch after you started playing guitar?

    I’m almost 64, started playing at 10 and got my one and only Gretsch this year so...almost 54 years.
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    Got just one. It’s pseudo natural. Whenever it got a ding I just enhanced a “little “.
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    I''m a Dutchman!

    We did my mom’s side and found out me and Beyoncé have the same 7th great grandfather. As she, by the way is big into geneology and posted the same findings as we did. Guess we’ll have to invite her to the next family reunion.
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    PSA TV Jones Universal Mount $200 Shipped

    Don’t know if this is where to post. A friend of mine had these for sale. Thought I’d help him out. If interested I’ll send a link.