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    Guitars Manufacturers That Morph Other Guitar Companies

    Danelectro is Rickenbacker and teisco
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    Thoughts On Gretsch Acoustic Guitars

    Must say I’d love a New Yorker, if only to complement my New Yorker mandolin. But alas my next purchase has to be a nylon string, as I have a job that requires it coming up.
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    Epiphone Casino vs Epiphone Riviera

    I’m a casino man. Bought my daughter but it needs a setup. McCartney’s favourite type of guitar is a casino. They’re like a telecaster or a gretsch - hugely versatile, yet with a unique sound that sets them apart.
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    For those of you that play some jazz

    Mid to late Beatles - yesterday, you never give me your money, day in the life, let it be... Pop - Dancing Queen, He ain't heavy, Knock three times, Tie a yellow ribbon, Bad Bad Leroy Brown Rock and Roll - Runaway, Johnny B. Goode, Suspicious Minds, Can't Help Falling in Love, Viva Las Vegas...
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    Gretsch for jazz

    I know I know. But why don’t jazz players (outside of fusion and avant- garde ) like gretsches? I know part of it is the bigsby. And part of it is the clearer tone than PAFs. I’ve never understood the anti-bending thing in jazz. Sure Wes never bent strings. But Wes played fencing wire gauge...
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    Audept becomes "The Guinea Pig"

    So glad it worked out.
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    Does A Bigsby Spring Make A Difference?

    A lighter spring makes a difference. I put reverend springs in my two bigsby guitars. I was told here I’d keep it in the solidbody but revert to the stiffer spring in the hollow. This was accurate. The response, for me at least is a bit better with the lighter spring.
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    Favorite "Worst band name" you've ever had?

    I suppose if you’re going to call yourself a chicken [email protected] you may as well be the king
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    Neil Finn & Gear

    It was a great and informative video. (I skipped through the Liam bits - will return to them.) But boy Neil has some nice guitars...
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    Story of Guitar Center

    The first time I walked into a guitar centre - the Times Square one (New York of course) - I was blown away. Sure we have great shops here in Australia. But the range was nowhere near what you see in the states. I found the service really good - same with the Sam ash in Nashville. This is not...
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    Your Essential Pedal(s)

    I have an always on blues driver set to low gain. I like a delay. I like a wah or envelope filter. Some kind of modulation. Compressor.
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    Do You Use an EQ Pedal? Really?

    I have a couple. One I used on my solid body mandolin just to tame those high frequencies. I have a 10 band I’m going to plug through my fender greta amp to try and see if I can expand its tones. (It’s a great little amp but I can’t leave things alone).
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    You're The One

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    NGD: Cabronita Tele with Gretsch Pickup

    That’s lovely. I’ve got a squier stock one except I put a reverend spring in it and mine has a maple fretboard. It’s a great guitar and yes if I’m not sure whether it’s a gretsch or tele gig it’s a great compromise.
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    school me on roller bars...

    Lolol. No no. Just wondering what the difference is?