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    Greetings and salutations

    Greetings! I think everyone has their own style, anyway. Whatever makes you happy!
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    Here At Last

    Alright! Glad you’re here! Lots of good information around this forum.
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    Finally glad to be here . . .

    Yay! Glad you’re here!
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    Hi all

    Welcome, Tycho!
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    Modding Electromatic

    Wow! Excellent craftsmanship!
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    Not new, but it’s been a few years…

    Welcome back!
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    Beginner guitar player

    Welcome! I’m happy for you taking up what has been a winding path kind of pastime for me. I have had spurts and sputters all along. Just don’t give up. You’ll get it! Even a simple chord done well is a great sound and you have two instruments that are certainly up to the task. And like...
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    Another prodigal returns

    Very nice! Someday I’ll add to my “only child” collection and your set is a good target!
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    Chance Novak/New Member

    Your guitar and mine are twins! Obviously You have great taste. Welcome!
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    Hi all.

    Howdy and welcome!
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    Something is going on

    Seems like another example of taking interaction out of relationships. Our final Hoo-Rah before the shutdown of COVID in 2020 was a St. Patrick’s Day party with friends on our back porch. We live out, so we can make racket of many styles. We had a blast playing music totally unrehearsed...
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    Come With Me

    Bravo!! I love it! Thank you for sharing your work.
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    Music and Happiness

    This one never fails to make me smile. Even better if heard as the finale of the entire “Concerto for a Rainy Day” on ELO’s album “Out of the Blue”.
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    Music and Happiness

    Haha! Agreed.