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    New additions to the herd...

    Congrats and HNGD's. Enjoy both.
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    NRD (new rack day)

    Good job, looks nice.
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    Hello @flamestripes, welcome to G-T. Good to have you here. Good luck on choosing which 6120 you want. I have 3 now all have different pickups so they have different sound to them. Ray Butts, HS Filtertrons and Dyna-Sonics. All sound great.
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    Gretsch g5422g-12

    First Gretsch guitar I ever bought, I liked it so much I ordered the white G5422TG a week later I have 10 Gretsch now. Here it is with a couple of cousins. My Granddaughter just loves to hear and play the 12-string.
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    NGD - G5410T Rat Rod

    Congrats on your new Rat Rod. Enjoy and HNGD.
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    Congrats on your build Tony. Glad it performs as you want. HNGD.
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    Surprise! What could it be,(nad)!

    Congrats on the new amp. Good luck on the cabinet build, will be waiting to see it.
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    The Silver Falcon has taken Flight!

    Congrats on that beauty. Enjoy and HNGD.
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    Congrats to you and the seller. Enjoy and HNGD.
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    New Guy

    Hello @Maguchi, welcome to G-T. Nice to have you join us. Very nice looking Gretsch models, enjoy them.
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    Hello Gretsch Denizens!

    Hello @RobertusMaximus, welcome to G-T. Nice to have you join us. Nice batch of Gretsch guitars.
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    NAD… sort of

    Glad you like that little jewel. I bought the little Vox, still haven't tried it out. Enjoy and HNLAD.
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    Confused over new6120 tg

    Welcome to G-T. Nice of you to join us. You get some pretty quick answers from the members here.
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    How long did it take you to get your first Gretsch after you started playing guitar?

    Took me a grand total of 58 years, I now have 10 of them.
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    I guess I can go without food

    Congrats on your Gretsch amp. Enjoy!