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  • Hey Audept. Thanks for all the great advice. I am trying to contact Paul Setzer re. a custom pickguard per your suggestion. Can't seem to find him on the member list. Do you have any contact info or the name he uses here. Thinking of going with tiger stripes for the 3140 Cat eye's pick guard. Thanks for any help.
    Hi, I put a Compton Titanium Tone Chamber bridge on my Billy-Bo and loved the result. Only one problem - I had to get Tara to unpin the bridge and make it floating so I could get the best intonation adjustment for the Compton. Unfortunately Tara is now living in Berlin, otherwise I would suggest you give her a visit.
    Hi Audept Ive just bought a Green tiger stripe Brian S and Im thinking about a getting a Compton bridge for that and my Bill Bo penguin.How did you go with yours and how was the improvement? Cheers
    Almost here, will post NGD as soon as it arrives. Still fighting with ShopUSA about the ludicrous charges and delays, but happy that it has finally been shipped. I may start a thread warning about my experience with these guys, but I'm primarily focussed on the arrival!
    Hey, Tara. My guitar was delivered to ShopUSA in Virginia Beach, Virginia last Friday (1 week ago) I have been on their website everyday since and they have not shipped the guitar yet (or charged my credit card for the shipping costs). I have sent them an email every day since Monday, but have had no response yet. I am trying not to panic, but I am very worried. If I don't hear from them soon, I'm not sure what to do next, but getting frustrated and anxious.
    Is it there yet? is it there yet? is it there yet? is it there yet? huh huh huh huh? *eager* :D
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